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At GMF we strive to help you make smarter financial decisions by empowering individuals to ditch their debt, save money and build real wealth! Through our approach, we support our community in a fun, engaging, relatable, and non-judgmental way, thus, giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.

Now more than ever, since the impact of Covid-19 persons are more focused on their finances, family, and prioritizing their financial well-being – which is important.

The overall objective within the GMF Community on personal finance articles and tools has been designed to help our members and general consumers make informed financial decisions.

Find or post information on various financial topics, and products, including debt, savings, loans, generational wealth, retirement, owning your first home, insurance, banking, and a whole lot more interesting topics open for discussion, or take up a financial course to edify yourself on trends and happening in today's society.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals to become accountable while ditching their debt, saving money, and building real wealth. 

You can explore the most popular topics and tools in GMF Community and contribute with your comments to drive interaction- you never know to who you can teach something to.

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The same information out there that the wealthy use is the same information available out there for the average individual to use - therefore, we at GMF created a level playing field to educate all.

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A massive thank you to our supporters and community members for patronizing the community and offering their time and valued input.